Episode 7: 4 Circles of Thought for Business with Dr. Heidi Kay Begay

Aug 29, 2023

In this episode of 'Ultimate Music Teachers - Productivity & Profitability,' we are honored to be joined by the remarkable Dr. Heidi Kay Begay, a visionary serial entrepreneur who empowers modern-day flutists to amplify their unique voices both on and off the stage. Through her entrepreneurial journey, Heidi wears many hats, spearheading two impactful companies, Flute 360 and Red House Productions.

In this episode, Heidi offers valuable insights into fostering creativity in music careers. We explore how musicians can pivot, adapt, and cultivate new opportunities beyond the practice room and stage, extending into the realm of entrepreneurship and business. Heidi's expertise and experiences reveal how musicians can harness their creativity to navigate the changing landscape of the music industry while finding fulfillment and financial stability.

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Links from Heidi

Flute 360 Website: heidikaybegay.com

 Flute 360 FB group: facebook.com/groups/4907191909370648

Red House Productions Website: redhouseproductions.net

RHP FB Group: facebook.com/groups/195603878778496

LISTEN TO GLORY’S INTERVIEW WITH HEIDI IN FLUTE 360 EPISODE #225: heidikaybegay.com/episode-225/

AND BONUS EPISODE #4: heidikaybegay.com/bonus-episode-4/

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